Custom Counting Software (Apps)

We develop custom Computer Vision software to fulfill our clients' specialized requirements and have created multiple custom solutions that automatically count items from still images (e.g. count items in a stack) and from videos (e.g. count items on a conveyor).

Off-the-shelf, Ready-Made Counting Software (Apps)

Our off-the-shelf, ready-made counting apps count groups of things from still-images.

The apps run on iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows devices.

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Apply for Time-Limited Complimentary Counting App

For a limited time, we are offering a two-week complimentary evaluation of our off-the-shelf mobile and desktop counting apps.

We would appreciate it if you’d send us your comments, feedback and suggestions to help us improve the app.

The following apps are available on

  • CountThings From Photos
  • CountLayers

Send us sample images of what you want to count. We will assess the feasibility and cost of providing you with a custom counting configuration that will make CountThings From Photos work for your class of items.

Call (408) 980-7332, email or fill in the form below.
Please indicate what you want to count and what platform you will be using (iPhone, iPad, Android, or Window desktop). If possible, send us a few samples of high resolution images from which you would like to count.

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Streamline your counting with Computer Vision Software.